||| Week 14 |||

Culture Jamming & Appropriation
||| Week 14 |||
Lisa Hutton

The 1967 film Mouchette is the basis of the Mouchette web site (1996 – Present).

A summary of the film from IMDB reads: Mouchette is a young teenager living in the tough country.
Her mother is going to die, and her father does not take care of her.
Mouchette does not manage to express her rebellion against the humiliations she undergoes…

The site is replication in cyberspace of the troubled character Mouchette with the addition of interaction with an audience.

The landing page on the site reads:

My name is Mouchette
I live in Amsterdam
I am nearly 13 years old
I am an artist
And this is my shop
Le site existe aussi en Français
My next mood is… (reload)
Mouchette Browse Me 


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Culture Jamming & Appropriation
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