Cindy’s Blog: 十月 2009

Cindy’s Blog: ?? 2009
Constructing Identity Online- Discussion
My own identity online: I have quite a number of identites with different user names on the internet. For example, Facebook, Xanga,MSN, My Space, Blogspot, Youtube, Icq, forums(ie hkdiscuss), Lingnan, hotmail, google, yahoo, yahoo, twitter. I use these identities to do different things. They have various functions.

I asked Yu about her identities online. And yu has these online identities: Similar to me, Yu has online identities of MSN, Facebook, Icq, Youtube, hotmail, gmail, yahoo, Lingnan, HKflash, cywy, blogspot, Xanga.And she has different usernames for different web sites. by using these usernames, she can do various online activities.

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