Net Art Guide

Igor Stromajer, an old friend, came across this unusual book and took some snaps while flipping through: Net Art Guide from 2000 (Fraunhofer, Stuttgart). Around 50+ net artists of the time, amazing screenshots, links, lists of festivals, biographies, etc., 288 pages. The editor was Stefan Federspiel. An amazing discovery.

Here’s a PDF with the first 19 pages (table of contents & some introductory info):…/beispielseiten_guide…
Such a great (somehow atypical) resource, yet so hard to find some useful information about the book online.




With all my thanks to Igor Stromajer who found the book, made the pictures, found the links, and published the whole thing on his FB wall where I copied it.
He gave me the opportunity to re-discover my copy of this book, which was buried deep under in my archive.


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