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submitted by thiagomsrlx

Sometimes at night I just like to scare the shit out of myself, So I’m looking for some scary interactive/cool/interesting websites

Something kinda like this: Scary Comic

Or maybe even more interactive I dunno… anything that could scare the shit out of me


Scary is subjective, so here’s some stuff you might like. eht namuh 973MouchetteSCP WikiSuperbad,FallingFallingNailsThis ManThe Hands Resist Him/ Haunted ebay painting , Ted the Caver , The Dionaea House. There’s also somewhat of a sequel to Bongcheong Dong Ghost; Here

[–]vulpiix 6 points  ago

I’m not sure how helpful I can be. That comic is pretty damn scary. I know that /r/ScaredShitless had some pretty scary stuff. Like, I checked it out and then noped out pretty quickly, so maybe explore that a bit? In the /r/NoSleepsidebar, there’s a list of other scary subreddits. There’s also if you haven’t read/seen it yet.

[–]thiagomsrlx[S] 2 points  ago

Those will do for now, Thank you so much. Edit: not working :/

[–]vulpiix 2 points  ago

Wow, awesome timing. I JUST signed on to reddit. I googled Creepypasta and I guess putting www in the URL is a requirement? Weird. Here you go. 

[–]thiagomsrlx[S] 1 point  ago

Haha, so did I. Thanks for the fix

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